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Concussion Policy

Toe Valley Soccer Association Concussion Policy

TVSA recognizes the potential danger and long-term health consequences of this often difficult to diagnose form of traumatic brain injury.  The Policy is intended to provide easy-to-understand guidelines related to players who have been diagnosed with or are suspected of having a concussion.

The Policy is for Coaches, Parents and Players but is to be shared with any other adults or participants.


  • Coaches, on their own time, will watch in its entirety, at least once every two years, the following video **:
    • Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports Online Concussion Training” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Click here for the video
    • When a Coach volunteers to coach (part of the player online registration process) the Coach will be required to answer Yes or No to a question “Have you completed one of the authorized Concussion Training videos in the past two years”
  • Before each season, all Coaches will be given an electronic copy of CDC’s “Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports, A Fact Sheet  for Coaches document or a similar document.
  • Concussions rarely (less than 10% of occurrences) involve loss of consciousness.  However, in the event of loss of consciousness the Coach will call 911 or will instruct another adult to call 911.
  • When, during a session, a Player is suspected of having a concussion the Coach will remove the Player from the session and will not allow the player to return to play for the remainder of the session. The Coach will keep the Player out even if the Player insists, "I'm OK now, Coach"
  • The Coach will inform the Player’s Parent or guardian of the Player’s symptoms as soon as possible.  Ideally, the Parent will be notified immediately.
  • When the Player returns for a future session if, based on the Coach’s understanding of concussion symptoms, the Coach suspects the player is still exhibiting symptoms, the Coach will keep the player from the activity.

* “Coaches” means all volunteer Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches


  • When a Parent registers their Player they will be required to check a box agreeing to the following: “If my child is diagnosed with a concussion during any activity, or if my player has a prior head injury, I will inform my child’s Coach of such diagnosis prior to the start of the season or before my child returns to play.”
  • At the start of each season, Parents will receive an e-mail from TVSA that includes:
    • A brief explanation of our policy and the importance of the Parent’s role in understanding it.
    • A link to the Policy on the TVSA web site
    • An electronic copy of CDC’s “Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports, A Fact Sheet for Parentsor a similar document.
    • A link to each of the two approved education videos mentioned above.
    • A link to an appropriate baseline test such as that from Axon Sports.


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